I was only four years old at the end of Vietnam
My uncle had done four tours there and came back a different man
I roamed around in Camouflage, couldn’t wait till I was old enough
Till I could prove that I was tough ,to wear that green and tan and be a

Warrior..Long as heaven shines her light, I will stand tall
Warrior..I step into the great unknown , till the spirit comes to
to take me home

Intro (E-F#m-A-B)

I jumped into Panama when I was just 18
8 months in the Army, I was scared and pretty green
Then I spent some time in the first Gulf war, I knew what I was fighting for
I saw things different then before, I was young and lean and mean


Lead (over Chorus)

Breakdown over Intro progression

We landed in Afghanistan on the fourth of July
Rollin down the same road I’d been down so many times
My boys in front and behind me, we’re closer then a family
There’s no place that I’d rather be, then under that Red Sky

Chorus X 2

Intro-out...Warior vamp etc


from Nashville Sessions, released July 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Sean Mormelo Nashville, Tennessee

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