(Country Swing Groove)
Ya know I’ve never been much for asking for direction
I like to find the way all on my own
Guess it’s a man thing, gettin help’s out of the question
And I figured I was meant to be alone
That’s when fait landed you right outside my door. (D-A-E)
It was then I had a purpose, I knew what I was livin for (D-B)

I’ll do the dishes, you do the kisses
We’ll fill the seats in that new mini van
I’ll make the money, You Bring the honey
We’ll build a little family together, Darlin, that’s my plan

I still remember we were standing in your hallway, and
I thought that our first date had gone real swell
Well I stayed up all night and I thought about the future
Then I threw a dime in the wishing well
I struggled for a picture I could sell
It was then I knew for certain, then I heard that answer bell….

I’ll do the dishes, you do the kisses
we’ll build a palace on a big chunk of land
I’ll do the moppin , you do the shoppin
We’ll spend this whole lifetime together, Darlin that’s my plan

Bridge( C#m-Abm-D-A-E, C#m-Abm-F#m Walkup-B)

I’ll host a barbeque I’ll walk the kids to school
I’ll even join the PTA
And I’ll be there to obsess about the price of her prom dress
You know I’ll never run away…

I’ll do the dishes, you do the kisses
we’ll build a palace on a big chunk of land
I’ll make the bacon, You do the shakin..
We’ll build a whole family together…
It’s you and me, honey thats forever, Darlin that’s my plan

do the best i can makes me the man i am, darling it’s all part of my great big plan


from Nashville Sessions, released July 1, 2012



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Sean Mormelo Nashville, Tennessee

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