Love Can Make You Lose Your Mind

from by Sean Mormelo



(F-C-G, F-C-G-Em-D, F-C-G-Em-D-F-G11-G7)
He took the dog out of the house, threw his cloths out in the yard, cut up the credit cards
He lit a cigarette, Pulled up a chair, put the gas can on the ground
and he watched it all burn down
He put the pistol in his pocket, and he turned the truck toward the town
lookin for a showdown
Dog was hanging out the window, by the time he tracked her down
He shot her in her wedding gown

(C-E7-Am-Am/G-D7/F#, C-E7-Am-Am/G-Dm7-G11-G7)
Love can make you lose your mind,
Oh Love can make you weep, love can make you blind
Love can help you heal, Love can stop the hands of time
Love can make you lose your mind

The Sky lit up like a volcano, she threw her ring, slammed the car door,
and put the pedal to the floor
She could see the lights of Barstow ,hear that HEMI’s roaring sound
Burnin up that Desert ground
She saw a faint glow on the horizon, her gaze was fixed upon a sign
that said Nevada State Line
She was still gaining momentum, when she barreled into town
to run that cheatin bastard down


Baby when you find a someone, love can make you think it will last
Oh but then you crash
Oh, ain’t no rhyme or reason, Love can bleed you like broken glass





from Nashville Sessions, released July 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Sean Mormelo Nashville, Tennessee

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