C F/C X4 Dm7 F | }
Feel I can take on the world tonight,
I see the wonder and everything’ll be alright
It’s an amazing fragile life, strap in and hang on tight

(Repeat-Cadd9, G/B Am7 D7)
Remember when you got that first kiss goodnight?
Did your heart skip a beat, lookin’ in your newborn baby’s eyes?
You can be humbled by this life, more than you realize
Then I realized...

F G/B Cadd9 Fmaj7 | Dm G/B C C7 | F G7 | C G/B Am G | Fmaj7#11/E Fmaj7x2 | Fmaj7 Gadd6 | Fmaj9

This wonderful world around me
It can’t all be a mistake
When you add up all the miracles,
it’s just the most amazing place
I feel i’m in the presence of Grace

It’s the first time you fell in love real hard
When you fell in her arms and felt her beating heart
Like when you found the spirit of the lord, and ya finally feel his spark
it’s like ya came in from the dark.....


Am AmMaj7 F D/F# G G7
You walked away from the wreck without a scratch
So Live everyday like it’s your last
Honey take that chance and don’t look back

Tag-C E F D/F# G G7
With Grace, Grace all you need is Grace...
The only thing that it can be is Grace.... Pause.


Tag- Outro


from Nashville Sessions, released July 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Sean Mormelo Nashville, Tennessee

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