Confide Open E, Capo 2nd Fret

It had been a long long time since she gave a man her number
He could hear the babies cry, in the background when he phoned her
Could there be a chance that she’d find something to make her dream again?

She was always a head turner and the boys all fell before her
When she finally gave her heart all she got was a cold shoulder
He went to work one day and he up and ran away, 2 babies in her arms
And a stack of bills she couldn’t pay

Confide in me lady, You inspire me baby open up
Let me inside of you
Conspire with me Lady, Don’t ya Tell me Maybe, let the flow of hope
Fill that void in you

(-Maj7-Minor thing-)

Under the frozen sky that meets the fury of the mountains
He made her feel alive from the rush of the endorphins
Could it be she finally tasted how love’s supposed to be?

All the darkness of the past she’d finally put behind her
And if this romance can eclipse the past and make it seem like just a blur
She’ll take solace in the warm embrace he gives her everyday, with 2 babies in her arms
And a new one on the way


(-May7-Minor Thing-)

Oh when you beat the odds and you teach yourself to win
That’s where you’ll find your strength again
Turn your backward eyes to the road that lies ahead
Tomorrow is on the horizon and the past is Dead….



from Nashville Sessions, released July 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Sean Mormelo Nashville, Tennessee

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